Half Straddle made their New York Live Arts debut in 2016 with Ghost Rings, an original song cycle that burrows and soars through the twisted layers of love among best friends and a family band of yesteryear. Inspired by live band dynamics, with text and lyrics by Tina Satter and music by Chris Giarmo and Erin Markey, the narrative contrasts the romantic memories of two friends with Satter’s real-life relationship to her estranged sister as she plays in an invented band with her Half Straddle collaborators. The piece becomes a vulnerable and harrowingly funny melodic reckoning with broken families, romantic friendship, and the ultimate leap into adulthood.

Written and Directed by Tina Satter

"Fantastical, odd and sometimes so tender it’s raw, “Ghost Rings” is a pop concert with a drama inside, about trying to make sense of the hole in your soul when the person you believed would stick around forever drifts away."

– The New York Times

GHOST RINGS returns to New York at American Realness 2017 - TICKETS + INFO

Chris Giarmo
Erin Markey
Tina Satter
Kristen Sieh

Music Composed by:
Chris Giarmo and Erin Markey

Arrangements, Music Direction and Sound Design:
Chris Giarmo

Production History

New York Live Arts, New York City
April 22-30, 2016

Set Design:
Parker Lutz

Light Design:
Chris Kuhl

Puppet Design:
Amanda Villalobos


Costume Design:
Enver Chakartash

Make-Up Design:
Naomi Raddatz

Production + Stage Management:
Randi Rivera


Ghost Rings was commissioned by New York Live Arts for its 50 & Change Commission series with support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.