In The Pony Palace/FOOTBALL

"launching a goal-line drive to a new feminist form"
- Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

"a giddily exuberant exuberant confection that manages to conjure a distinctly eccentric theatrical world"
- Jason Zinoman, New York Times Critic's Pick

A female and transgender cast portrays the players, coaches, and cheerleaders of a high school football team. With the historically male and highly American backdrop of football, the piece subversively considers what it is to be an athlete; the shifting stakes, relationships, and power dynamics of a team on and off the field; and the concept of placing belief and commitment in something bigger than oneself.

The text combines the specific lexicon of football, sports, and coaching with the awkward realism of high school-speak. A live score for brass comprised of deconstructed pop songs accompanies the performance.

Written and Directed by Tina Satter

World Premiere Cast:
Moe Angelos
Jess Barbagallo
Eliza Bent
Nikki Calonge
Emily Davis
Erin Markey
Glennis McMurray
Kourtney Rutherford
Julia Sirna-Frest

Touring Cast:
Jess Barbagallo
Eliza Bent
Becca Blackwell
Nikki Calonge
Emily Emily Davis
Erin Markey
Kourtney Rutherford
Tina Satter
Julia Sirna-Frest

Music/ Sound Design:
Chris Giarmo
Bobby McElver

Football Choreography:
William Burke

Scene Design:
Andreea Mincic

Lighting Design:
Zach Tinkelman

Costume Design:
Michael de Angeles

Stage Manager:
Liz Nielson

Assistant Director:
Casey Yorke

The Pony Palace Marching Band:
Justin Dayhoff
John Lijoi
Bobby McElver
Mary Rasmussen

Production History:

Fringe Arts, Philadelphia, PA
September 17-19, 2014

Le Passage, Automne en Normandie, Fecamp, France
November 2013

Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn, NY
February 10-26, 2011