American Heroine

“Here they are, the coolest, hippest, most “over it” makers in the schoolyard, pivoting to make a blistering piece of political theater. They’ve kept their powder dry all this time, I guess. And this is the BOOM.”


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Half Straddle’s Ghost Rings

“The mixed, shifting layers of myth and format gave the show a charm and a depth beyond what just a rock show, a play, or a spoken word performance could achieve. Some things you can’t just say out loud. Some things you have to say through an internal spirit being, or through a rock song.”

- Oregon ArtsWatch

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The Funks

"Satter’s women fantasize about procreation without men, about holding a piece of another woman in their bodies. In language that is revelatory through its very strangeness, Satter echoes this desire."


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Mortal COIL

"There is a strikingly synthetic quality to Tina Satter's seductive and mesmerizing Ancient Lives, a play that entwines adolescence and obsolescence in order to un-tell a familiar story."


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