“Ridiculous, enchanting musical… full to the brim with killer talent.”
Helen Shaw, Time Out New York (Top 10 Show of 2009)

“Family re-invents downtown experimental theater for the new millennium—and has a tremendous lot of fun doing it.”
- Heather J. Violanti,

Twenty-year old Lily is about to be impregnated with Rudolf Nureyev’s frozen sperm to make her mother happy. Little sister Frarajaca wants to stage an artistic gangbang. And Mum doesn’t want to deal with anymore goddamn idiots. It’s a family drama. Sort of. Writer/director Tina Satter’s new one-act is an unexpected, musically-enhanced, and close-up look at the ridiculous and inexplicable nature of families and the kinds of love we can’t escape.

Written and Directed by Tina Satter

Eliza Bent
Sara Lindsay Copeland
Emily Davis
Chris Giarmo
Joseph Keckler
Erin Markey
Katherine Scharhon
Julia Sirna-Frest
Rae C Wright

Music Composition and Sound Design:
Chris Giarmo

Lighting Design:
Zack Tinkelman

Set Design:
Nathan Lemoine

Costume Design:
Normandy Sherwood

Stage Management:
Wayne Petro

Production History

Ontological-Hysteric Theater, New York
August 13-22, 2009

A co-production of the Ontological-Hysteric Theater