"Paired babes in off-the-shoulder lamé with winky, wistful dialogue (Jess Barbagallo played a depressed werewolf) and set it all to Chris Giarmo’s synthesizer-mad, ’80s-esque avant-ballads.”
Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

“With terrific music by Chris Giarmo, this concert-cum-performance-piece is a delightful piece of work, and the performers, to coin a phrase, can knock a song out of the park... highly recommended.”
-George Hunka, Superfluities Redux

Three girls inhabit an infectiously weird and dissonant, yet raucously sing-along world where the story of a contemporary werewolf explores dislocation, heartbeats and saying really stupid things when you want to say the most important thing of all.

Written and Directed by Tina Satter

Jess Barbagallo
Eliza Bent
Julia Sirna-Frest

Music Composition and Sound Design:
Chris Giarmo

Set Design:
Asta Benne Hostetter

Light Design:
Zack Tinkelman

Stage Management:
Wayne Petro

Production History

HERE Arts Center, New York
February 2009

Ontological-Hysteric Theater, New York
August 2008

Produced in part with HERE Arts Center and The Ontological-Hysteric Theater