Foundation for Contemporary Arts Award

We're honored and excited to announce that Tina Satter has been named one of 14 artists to receive a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Award.

The panel of judges and other recipients are inspirational and it's a privilege to be included in such a distinguished cohort.

Check out more information about FCA and the grant HERE.


Our benefit concert at Joe's Pub in October turned out to be one of our favorite company events ever. Kimberly Clark (Chris Giarmo's fabulous alter ego) led a live band and the Half Straddle company singing original songs from 8 years of Half Straddle shows. 

We were joined by very special guests and friends including Heather Christian, Jim Fletcher, Hannah Heller, Mike Iveson, Jo Lampert, Paul Pontrelli, Lucia Roderique, James Sprang, and Lucy Taylor.

Here are some of our favorite photos from the night!